Pa’ empezar | Appetizers

– Sopa del Dia | Daily chef’s soup

– Quipe
Whole grain, ground beef, cilantro sauce

– Aguacate Majao
Mashed avocado, shrimp, crispy white cheese, yucca chips

– Arepitas de Yuca
Yuca croquettes, chicken, pork, shrimp

– MamaChimis
Dominican style ground beef, cabbage, chef’s special sauce

– Pastel en Hoja
Viands shell with choice of chicken, pork, shrimp

– Baby Back Ribs
Slow roosted Ribs, BBQ guava sauce, yucca fries

– Eggplant Dip
Mozzarella cheese, Yautia chips

– Tostones Mary Tierra
Plantains chips, churrasco, shrimp, cilantro aioli

– Croquetas de Chivo
Crispy goat croquettes

– Yucca & Crab Cake
Yucca crusted crab meat, avocado, honey, mustard sauce

– Calamares Fritos
Fried calamari, romesco sauce, garlic aioli

– Pinchos
Chicken & beef skewers, salsa criolla

– Pulpo al lo Brasa
Grilled octopus, arugula, potato, cauliflower sauce

– Empanada Trio
Shrimp, chicken & pork turnovers, corn, tomato, cilantro chimichurri

– Chicharroncitos
Crispy chicken bites, honey mustard aioli, salsa criolla

– Mofonguitos
Crispy green planta in pressed with garlic & cilantro with chicken, park, shrimp

– Seafood Ceviche
Chef’s selection of seafood cured with fresh citrus juices

– Gombos al Ajillo
Sautéed shrimp with garlic, butter, hearts of tomato & white wine reduction

– Picadera Taina
Tapes Tainas sampler (Serves two)

Ensaladas | Salads
– Mercadito Salad
Grilled chicken breast, avocado, hardboiled egg, baked croutons, queso blanco, mixed greens & light citrus vinaigrette

– Churrasco Salad
Skirt steak, mixed greens, passion fruit vinaigrette

– Cesar Salad
with Pollo (Chicken)
with Camarón (Shrimp)

De La Parrilla with a side of your choice
– Churrasco
12 oz Grilled skirt steak, sofrito chimichurri

– Rib Eye
Bone in rib eye steak, Mamajuana liquor tamarind reduction, mash potatoes

– Sirloin Steak
12oz. Sirloin Steak, corn pico de gallo

– Parillada Mixta
Grilled lobster, shrimp, calamari, chicken, steak, longaniza

Especiales de la casa | Signature Dishes
– Ensalada de Calamares
Crispy calamari, tropical fruits, mixed greens, ginger-molasses glaze

– Puerquito (Serves two)
Caribbean style slow roasted pork, onion escabeche. sweet plantain, rice and peas

– Maduro Relleno de Bacalao
Sweet plantain stuffed with cod fish fricassee

– Yuca-Fongo 
Yuca pressed with garlic and fresh herbs choice of:
– Shrimp & Lobster
– Churrasco

– Pargo Relleno
Crispy whole red snapper filled with seafood, white rice, creole sauce

Plato Fuerte | Main Course
– Linguini Mariscada
Linguini pasta, shrimp, calamari, mussels, clams, boy scallops, red sauce

– Penne Pasta
Tomato & basil sauce
with Pollo (Chicken)
with Camarón (Shrimp)

– Pechuga Rellena
Chicken breast filled with Dominican sausage longaniza, garlic mashed potato, sautéed spinach

– Pollo Criollo
Half chicken, avocado, maduros, white rice, black beans, criolla sauce

– Simple Grill
Grilled fish, chicken or steak, vegetables

– Camorones en Coco
Shrimps coconut sauce, rice & peas moro

– Branzino
Mediterranean sea bass with fresh herbs, capers, fresh tomato, garlic, malanga mash

– Salmon relleno de cangrejo
Crabmeat stuffed salmon, veggies, black rice, lobster sauce

– Cazuela de Mariscos
Shrimp, calamari, mussels, clams, bay scallops. Lemon garlic sauce, fresh herbs, tostones

– Salmon Burger
Salmon patty, fresh homemade brioche bun, lettuce, tomato, red onion, tartar sauce, yuca chips

– Mamajuana Paella
Half lobster, shrimp, calamari, clams, mussels, chorizo saffron rice, roasted pepper, sweet peas

– Chivo al Horno
Dominican style oven roasted goat, black beans moro

– Plato Vegetariano
Chefs selection of vegetarian items

– Vegan Plate
Chef selection of vegan items

Acompañamiento | Sides
Yautia Mash | Yuca Mash | Truffle Potato Mash | Garlic Fries I Yuca Fries I Tostones I Maduros | Rice & Peas f Rice & Beans I Sautéed Vegetables | Quinoa I Mixed Green Salad

Pa’ Los Niños | Kids Menu (Soda or Juice Included)
– Chicharroncitos
Chicken fingers, trench fries, ketchup

– Penne Pasta con Pollo
Chicken, tomato & basil sauce

– Chicken Wings
French fries, ketchup

Please inform your waiter of any allergies you may have. 15% Gratuity will be added to parties of 6 or more. 2 Hour seating limit for non party or event guests. We offer full catering