– The Woodbridge
Buffalo trace bourbon, rosemary syrup & fresh lime juice.

– Dominican Mule
Brugal extra Viejo, ginger beer and lime.

– Strong White
Baileys Irish cream, mamajuana, coconut rum & chocolate.

– Strong Black
Hennessys vs, St Germain, fresh lime juice, simple syrup & muddle black berries.

– Spicy Ginger
Hennessy vs, canton ginger liquor, passion fruit juice, mint leaves & splash of cayenne pepper syrup.

– Spicy Margarita
Yave jalapeño tequila, Cointreau, agave & fresh lime juice.

– The Evander
Yave mango tequila, agave, grapefruit juice & fresh lime juice.

– Areito
Wheatley vodka, peach, triple sec & passion fruit puree.

– Chapi Chapi
Leblon cachaca, muddle limes, passion fruit puree & strawberry juice.

– El Beso
Hennessy Privilege, disarorno & pineapple juice.

– Hennycolada
Hennessy vs & our special piñacolada mix.

– El Final
Remy Martin 1738, Cointreau, tamarindo juice.

– Matrimonio
MMJ Red sangria & Yave frozen margarita.

– My Perky
Yave jalapeño tequila. caramelize pineapple & splash of simple syrup.

– Fancy Island
Long Island base with tropical fruits.

– Jack Punch
Jack Daniel’s with our house special fruit punch.

– MMJ Red Sangria
Red wine, rum, brandy, peach, triple sec, passion fruit juice & pineapple juice.

– MMJ White Sangria
White wine, vodka, brandy, peach, triple sec, passion fruit juice & orange juice.

Pouring happy hour all drinks are 50% off